Friday, January 27, 2012

~ More Sofa Tables ~ Basegame + Bonus ~

Some of you may have a couple of these tables already. If you do and want these, just delete the 2 (Simple Structure and Chabudai) from this download. Nothing about those 2 tables has changed.

What HAS changed? There are 3 more basegame tables in this set. I used the Tablablanca, Luxiary Ample King and Manor House Paree dining tables- but don't worry, your sims won't try to eat off these tables. :) All tables are slaved to the Maxis originals and have 3 slots on top.

There are also 6 Maxis-Match recolors for the Tablablana table top. Personally, I LOVE that table because of the legs and frame. But it never seems to match my decorating style. A search for recolors turned up many (try it- there are some really pretty ones!) but no plain, wood recolors. So I made them.

 Shown on my Tablablanca Sofa Table

There is also an updated residential collection file- it has all of the tables. There have been 13 done so far- if you don't have all of them, they just won't show up in the collection.

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  1. These were SO needed and appreciated! - Susan