Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mini House Kit

I saw a picture of a little house on wheels. They can come in pretty much any size and shape anyone would want. Since I can't afford one (they start at $15,000.00) I decided I wanted to try to make one for my sims. Since making an actual, functional mini house is easy enough I put my thinking cap on. I thought to myself "How can I make this little house look like the one in the picture I saw?" Well, here's the answer.

There are 9 meshes in this kit. A wheel that can be placed on either side, a license plate/tail light combination, a single tail light, a triple tail light, a support, 3 edge-type meshes (left, right and middle) to place behind the license/tail light combinations and a hitch. Check the Pic Spam! page for more pics and ideas!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

~ Slotapalooza 2 ~ 3 Drawer Cart ~

A new mesh loosely based on the SIP cart. There are 13 slots with this one- there is 1 slot on the top meant for larger stuffs. (Towels? A plant?) The slots are in the same spots as the SIP cart's slots.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

~ Slotapalooza ~ SIP Bathroom Cart Slotified ~

I love carts. I really do. I also love being able to clutter up my simmies homes without using a bunch of OMSP's. OMSP's are awesome- but slots are awesomer. Here's the cart from Sims In Paris' Bathroom 3, emptied and with 11 slots added. Since there was 1 existing slot, this means that there are now 12 slots. I also made 5 recolors, if you don't want those just don't install them. :) This uses the same GUID and the filename wasn't changed, so it will replace the original.