Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mini House Kit

I saw a picture of a little house on wheels. They can come in pretty much any size and shape anyone would want. Since I can't afford one (they start at $15,000.00) I decided I wanted to try to make one for my sims. Since making an actual, functional mini house is easy enough I put my thinking cap on. I thought to myself "How can I make this little house look like the one in the picture I saw?" Well, here's the answer.

There are 9 meshes in this kit. A wheel that can be placed on either side, a license plate/tail light combination, a single tail light, a triple tail light, a support, 3 edge-type meshes (left, right and middle) to place behind the license/tail light combinations and a hitch. Check the Pic Spam! page for more pics and ideas!

Different pieces are slaved to others so:
The license plate/tail light combo is the MASTER of the single and triple tail lights. You MUST have the license plate/tail light combo for the single/triple tail lights to work in game.
The floor support is a SLAVE of the Upright Column.
The edgers are SLAVES of the Upright Column.

Everything but the floor support can be placed without cheats. You do need to use "moveobjects on" to place the floor support under the decking.

I do believe that's it. See screenshots for ideas and how-to's. If you have any questions, feel free to ask- but this kit is really easy to use. And the best part is that the little houses are fully functional. :) A residential collection file is included in the .rar- place that in your Collections folder and the rest in your Downloads folder. A mud-spattered recolor is included for everything but the floor support and edgers.

Since all these pieces are meant to be used outdoors, I removed all references to shadows in SimPE while creating them.
The license/tail light combo is meant for the left and the single for the right. The triple can/could go anywhere. They're all placed within the footprint to place at a certain spot.
All meshes can be found in Deco>Misc and cost 5 simoleons.
The edgers and floor support don't have thumbnails, I tried to fix this and failed. (The collection file would come in handy for this!)

Download The Kit


  1. You are a fantastic....I just love it! Thank you


    1. You're welcome and thank YOU. :) I'd really love to have one of these irl. *sigh*

  2. this is awesome & so creative, a must have! Thank you! =)


    1. You're welcome and thank YOU, too. :) I try to think outside of the box, sometimes it shows, lol.

  3. These are inspired now!
    Thank you so much

  4. this is a very cute idea. sometimes i prefer smaller homes more, because it's so much easier to navigate through them ))) plus, my computer doesn't freeze. so with this set I would probably have more of such cute little and original houses. Thanks, you have a nice blog. Keep coming up with cool ideas!!

  5. Love love love!
    finally got my first mini house done.
    Fantastic! So fun.
    Thank you so much!!