Thursday, February 16, 2012

~ Slotapalooza 2 ~ 3 Drawer Cart ~

A new mesh loosely based on the SIP cart. There are 13 slots with this one- there is 1 slot on the top meant for larger stuffs. (Towels? A plant?) The slots are in the same spots as the SIP cart's slots.

There are 8 recolors included in Ikea Lack colors, 2 recolorable subsets- so you can mix and match the colors, as seen above with pink/yellow combination. Recolors are welcome- you'll need to stick to solid colors for the frame, but the drawers will take patterns fairly well. (I did test that, but was too chicken to upload the result, lol.)


  1. Lotsa slots, two recolourable subsets, and it's pretty? That's win all around. :D Thank you! It will look perfect in my Sims' bathrooms - and I already have a bazillion ideas about what to put in that top slot. :)

  2. You're welcome! :) I can see this is a kid's room or in a den/office with art supplies or something in it, too. In fact, I would've taken taken screenies of it that way but I seem to have a severe lack of kids' toys and office stuffs.

  3. thank you, I'm a clutterholic and I need stuff like this. It will be perfect for bathrooms, been in need of this )))