Sunday, February 12, 2012

~ Slotapalooza ~ SIP Bathroom Cart Slotified ~

I love carts. I really do. I also love being able to clutter up my simmies homes without using a bunch of OMSP's. OMSP's are awesome- but slots are awesomer. Here's the cart from Sims In Paris' Bathroom 3, emptied and with 11 slots added. Since there was 1 existing slot, this means that there are now 12 slots. I also made 5 recolors, if you don't want those just don't install them. :) This uses the same GUID and the filename wasn't changed, so it will replace the original.

There ARE a couple things you should know about these slots:
1) There are 2 slots on the middle shelf and one on the top shelf that were added last. They were meant for smaller objects- although bigger ones will fit, depending on how big they are.
2) Since they were added last, those slots won't fill until the other slots are filled. Cycling through them with "m" WILL let you choose one of the slots - EXCEPT for the one on the top shelf. For some reason that slot can't be selected that way. But you can put an object in that slot with no problem after the others are filled.



  1. This is terrific! Thanks so much - Susan

  2. This is great! I agree completely - OMSPs are great, but slots rocks my socks. :D *pets all the pretty slotses*

    Re the ones you can't cycle through, I'm curious if you might have cloned this from an end table? 'Cause when I've tried to add slots to end tables, I've also noticed that I'm not able to cycle through the slots beyond a certain point (and have to place stuff in all the other ones to be able to use the slots after that). But I thought it was me who was unable to add slots to anything other than bookcases. :P

    Of course, if you didn't clone this from an end table, then it probably is me. But blaming the table was a nice try. ;)

    1. It's not my mesh, it's from Sims In Paris. But yeah- she used an end table. So it's not just you! :) Blaming the table ftw, lol.

      That last slot- I had to figure out totally new numbers for the placement. Basing x-y-z off the other slots put that last slot up in the air and to the side. Rather odd. There's a limit it seems. Stupid Maxis. But it worked out in the end..and there's going to be another cart here soonish.

  3. I just realised I never said "thank you" for this, I just went off about the slots. So thank you! :D And extra thank you for not giving up on the slots, even though they weren't cooperating all the way. If you didn't guess it already, I love slots. :) Slots are made of awesome and win. *nods*

    My brain can't be firing on all cylinders, because for some reason I thought you might have recloned this and just recycled the old GMDC and GUID. (I need to have more tea. Or go to bed. Or have more tea and then go to bed. Yeah, I think I'll go with that one.) But hooray, it's not just me! Bad table! Bad, bad table! ;)

    Another cart? Yay! Can't wait. :D

  4. This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  5. Thanks, I'll use this in the Kitchen as well for all the veg clutter, big hugs judith.

  6. personally I don't like OMSPs either, but at least they give you choice of random placement )) I'm grabbing this slottified cart, my sims' bathrooms lack them!! Thank you for sharing. I wish to see more slottified furniture (or with omsps provided like Ohbehave's stuff) on the net.

  7. I just find your site...I am on a DL rampage!!!
    You are fantastic - and so are your downloads!!