Sunday, April 15, 2012

Extracted Kitchen Deco

Extracted from the game files- the deco on the commercial stove, salt shaker, pepper grinder, spice shaker and cutting board. The stove deco is in 4 groups- I forgot to put one of them in the screenshot- that one is another version with the spices. (It's bigger and a bit different than the one pictured.) The salt/pepper/spiceshaker/cutting board is all one group- there are 2 subsets. Oh..and the stove deco is repositoried, the files are clearly marked.

The stove deco uses the original game texture- I edited it, hopefully it's not too blurry for anyone else. There are also 2 recolors for a bit of variety. (I couldn't get the stack of plates and the bowl to take any color and look good.) The other set uses Maxis textures for the mesh and the recolors so they're nothing fancy. It's all basegame compatible, can be found in Deco>Sculptures and is really cheap. I mean...I wouldn't pay 200 dollars for some spices, would you?

I know some (if not all) of it has been done before. I'm on a mission. I like cluttering but I don't like using a ton of OMSP's. Since I'd rather have clutter in groups, I grouped the clutter that I like. :) Mine can be used with any other extracted clutter you might already have.

I have some more I can share if anyone is interested!

Download All - Collection File Included


  1. These are great, thanks!

  2. Boy, your sure have been busy....I am not complaining....not one little bit! I love clutter so this is right up my alley...thanks hon...Hugs Donna

  3. Thank you! Wonderful job!

  4. Clutter, yay! :D My Sims' kitchens can never have too much clutter! (Too bad the same isn't true of my RL kitchen. :P) And having it in groups is great; I don't mind using OMSPs to clutter up the counters, but I'm all for only having to use one instead of three or four. :)

  5. These look fantastic! In fact I was just looking at details like this on some Maxis items the other day and thinking it'd make great deco. Totally agree on minimizing the need for OMSPs too. So I'd definitely be interested in whatever else you've got. Thank you! :)

    1. I'll work on getting the other stuff together soon. Wonder what it was you were looking at and thinking it would make great deco... :)

  6. yes yes, please give us more! wonderful, thanks.

  7. Please give download mirrors other than :/