Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Curtains, baby! A plethora of curtain recolors..

The theme at GOS this month is default replacements. Aquilegia defaulted some of the Maxis curtains - while I like them all (some of the Maxis textures really are awful), I really, really like that she defaulted the cafe curtains. I'd tried more than once to recolor that curtain and never liked the results. Plus- I really hate the original textures.

Now that I haz a replacement, I was wondering how my recoloring attempts would look now. This is the result- 26 various recolors. 10 of them are white with colored trim. Those were made using Aquilegia's texture as an overlay.

If you happen to have Leesester's shorter cafe edit, these will recolor that too. (If you don't have it, I've included the meshes.) I also did matching recolors of Nengi's simple kitchen curtain.

On to the pics:

Download Maxis Recolors
Download Nengi Recolors
Download Nengi & Aqulegia Meshes

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