Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kim's Table ~ Buggybooz Kitchen Basic Slaves

It's done! A table, 2 higher chairs and a sink. The table and chairs are slaved to Buggybooz Kitchen Basic, so you must have the master mesh(es?) from that set for the table and chairs to work in your game. The sink is a stand-alone, it's not slaved to anything. It's just the sink- nothing else and will place against a wall if you want to use it by itself.

The end result looks pretty much like the WIP pic I showed. The biggest difference is that this is a table, not an island and the sink is all by itself with no cabinet. Otherwise, put together the whole thing looks the same and was probably the best way to do this. :)

The meshes:
A 2x2 table
A sink
2 chairs - they are Natalie's barstools, with her permission I "converted" them to dining chairs

To put the sink in the table:
Place the table where you want it first. Then, using moveobjects on and setquartertileplacement on OR boolprop snapobjectstogrid false place the sink in the hole in the table. You MUST use these cheats or the sink won't place into the table. I tried to get around having to use cheats - that might be why the original sink mesh stopped working right. So please remember to use the cheats!

There are NO slots added to the table. Table meshes have slots already- from my testing, you can still place things in the slots on the sink end with no problems. If your sims won't place their plates on the table to eat- you might have deco in a slot that's stopping them. Remove it and see if they'll eat. (Or just use OMSPs to place deco!) *In my testing, putting deco in any of the slots on the "eating end" of the table prevented my sims from putting their plates down on the table to eat. They just sat in the chair holding their plate and ate that way. That's why I said "just use OMSPs". CC created as a centerpiece should be okay.* If you have Nightlife or above, there is a mod that will allow most small MAXIS objects to be placed in those slots - Maxis Centerpiece as Centerpiece

The chairs: Like I said, they're modified barstools. The animations aren't perfect- sims will step up slightly into the air to sit and drop down to stand up. The rest of the animations are fine and a taller table needed taller chairs! You CAN use regular chairs but the eating animations will be wrong because of the height difference. Barstools work fine- but since this is a table, they won't scoot into the table. From my testing, putting game barstools 1/4 tile closer to the table with cheats still let the sims sit on the stools. Any closer got me stompy feet, lol.

Everything is basegame compatible. If you have any problems with any of this, please let me know! Hope your sims enjoy their new furniture!


EDIT: I didn't notice that adult sims clip through the back of the Shakerlicious chair. That's been updated. If you already downloaded, just download the updated chair and let it replace the one in your download folder. If you're just now downloading, the updated chair is now in the full download. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Download - Includes Updated Chair!
Updated chair only!


  1. Maria, I've already said it on BPS, but I'll say it here also, a big thank you for making this and all the effort you put into making this possible, big hugs judith.

  2. Maria, you are a star...Thank you so much for this wonderful table...Hugs Donna

  3. This is fantastic! I was so hoping someone could come up with a table with bar stools as chairs. You did it! thanks so much.

  4. Love the table...all your work, frankly, however when I downloaded the Retro Kitchen a little while ago it overwrote this lovely table. At first I thought it was just the thumbnail but now I can't get the original table (Kim's Request) to come up at all. I have all of BuggyBooz's kitchens (Basic & Shakerliscious), and I've redownloaded this table all to no avail! Am I doing something wrong? I don't think I missed anything...

    1. Ohhh, you know what? I bet I didn't change the GUID for the table in the Retro set. :( I'll look at it in the morning. (I would do that right now but I was starting to doze off just a minute ago, lol.)Thanks for the compliment, too.

    2. Wow! Thx, I didn't expect such a fast response! I'll check back. Thx again!!

    3. Hmmmm.. I honestly don't know what the problem could be. There are 3 2x2 tables in all and I've checked the GUIDs of all 3. Each table has it's own so none of them should be overwriting either of the others. Have you tried taking out the Retro table to see if this one will show up then?

    4. I will try that and let you know the results. Probably something I did anyways as I'm a noobie to the enth degree!!!

    5. Success! Thx, I would have liked to have the option of your Retro Table but since I seem to be able to only have one...I'll take Kim's Table. Thx again and you creators are off the charts!!!!!