Saturday, April 21, 2012

WIP... ~finished~

One of the things I've been working on:

That's a strange looking sink, isn't it? The textures look might familiar too....

What it is is part of a little set of a sink and counter- they're slaved to Natalie's (Buggybooz) Kitchen Basic. They can be combined to make a round(ish) sink/counter/frankenstein that works as a sink on one side and a counter on the other. A round island was requested by Kim at Black Pearl Sims. There IS a working version already- but it is mainly for decorators. Since I like functional objects I wanted to see what I could do. The sink for this version is done..just got to whip the counters into shape. I can honestly say I learned a lot about sinks, expanding footprints, animations, routes and how it all affects the sims working on this. :)

edit: The final version is done! :) It might look a bit different, but when you put it all together it looks pretty much the same, lol. Confusing? Um..definitely. But you'll see when I come back!


  1. Looking fab Maria, I am so grateful for you taking this on :D

  2. I've wanted something like this for soooo long! I've tried creating something like it using tables and counters, but it was all weird 'cause of the different heights! This is a dream come true....and great idea slaving it to BB's set, a quick way to give us lots of colour options, and for sure BB's kitchens are the most widely used. Good call! :-)