Thursday, May 24, 2012

Retro Kitchen Add-ons ~ 2 More Cabinets

RebaLynn mentioned at Leefish that she would've liked a shorter cabinet. Since I was working on redoing screenshots for MTS I made a shorter cabinet (it's about half the height of the original) and a taller cabinet (that will sit on top of the counter). They're both slaved to the counter, just like the rest of the kitchen.

Download Addons

An updated Residential Collection File is included in the rar- if you don't want it, just delete it. The 2 new meshes aren't in the old one though.


  1. Thanks MLC more goodies to play with; and thanks RebaLynn.

  2. Thanks Maria, they look great! Hugs Donna

  3. Brilliant, come to collect the updates, Maria. :D
    Karen lorraine