Monday, July 30, 2012

Fruit!! (Recolors of Bowls of...)

There's a folder on my desktop called "Quickies". These recolors are from that folder. Both meshes are awesome- very clear and detailed. Since I wanted a couple more colors options you can have them too, if you'd like them. There are 2 recolors each of Holy Simoly's bowl of pears and bowl of lemons. The pear recolors are green Bartlett and red Bartlett. The lemon recolors are limes (since the shape is pretty similar) and Meyer lemons- which are more orange colored than "plain" lemons. Meshes are NOT included- if you don't have them you can get them from the link above!

Download Recolors

Saturday, July 21, 2012

WIP (Once again..)

I was playing around with arched niches and ended up with this:

That's the not-quite-finished version. Not much has changed, just a couple of little tweaks.  There are 2 more of them..both are a bit longer. There is also a shelf with an invisible recolor since I couldn't add a slot to the windows (which is what the niches are) for the life of me. :) Since these are really meant to be used outside there is only 1 slot.
That's  a more-finished version. :)

That's the most-finished version. Thanks to Buggybooz, I now know how to add slots to windows. So these have slots- no need for the shelf. Also- thanks to Leesester, I know how to stop window coming through a door/window. So these don't let light into a house. Since they're NOT windows I didn't see a reason for them to let light in. :)

A 2-tile version has been suggested. (Will have more than 1 slot.) (Might do one more 2-tile version- the longest one if it doesn't look like it's "too much".)
A Moorish or Gothic version has been suggested.
Diagonal versions should probably be done too, lol.
Narrow version suggested. (Might do more versions of that one.)

So: I'm asking anyone who might read this- can you think of anything else? I don't want this to be a humungous set but I'm willing to consider other versions/varieties/flavors. The screenshot really doesn't do these justice. They are absolutely gorgeous in game. (And I think they'd go with Buggybooz' set, too.)

I don't know if I regret the day I saw Orange Mitten's TS3 niches at Simlogical or not... and I won't soon forget when I saw that Buggybooz had uploaded niches. I was sure all my plans had just went down the drain. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inset Wall Niches

Something a little different, inspired by a set for TS3 by Orange Mittens.

Cut-Outs! (In) Wall Shelving System ~ AddOns

Just a little thing I wanted to add to my Cut-Out Wall Shelves: a niche and narrow shelves.

Both pieces are slaved to the Master from the Cut-Outs! (In) Wall Shelving System so you need to have at least that file for these 2 to work in game.

Like the shelves from the system, there are 3 slots per shelf and no cheats are needed to place either the niche or the shelves.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Spiders, Rugs and Logs (Edit, Recolors & a New Mesh)

Mummysim's spider plant is an awesome plant mesh. I want to make that clear! Since I play with shadows on, the shadow did bother me a bit since it's so dark. So I lightened up the shadow a bit and made a couple of recolors of the plant and pot, too. The edited mesh is included with my recolors- if you want it, just let it replace Mummy's mesh if you have it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fresh & Airy Blankets

If you had trouble downloading these, the link has been fixed. :) 18 recolors of Jonesi's bed blanket. These have been sitting in my projects folder for so long...the name of the folder is Spring Blankets, lol. So I finished them up and here they are. They're not really Springy anymore, but they are still fresh, light and airy! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Perfectly Plywood - 2 Walls

I made these walls for a lot I was working on for a contest. The idea of the contest was that your sim moved into an apartment and was renovating it- or had renovated it? My memory is foggy and I can't quite remember, lol. Anyway, story of my life- my entry was just about done but I needed to go to sleep for a bit. When I woke up it was too late to submit my entry.

Anywho- here's the walls I made.They're supposed to look like unfinished plywood... the one looks a bit more like the real thing than the other. There are quite a few more things I made for that lot since I wanted the apartment to look like it was being renovated. Once I round everything up I'll post the rest.

Please note: These are NOT Mac-friendly since I left the size at 256x768 when saving the files. If anyone would like to edit them for their own use, feel free to do so. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Old Stuffs Revisited - Pt 1

Someone asked where I got some lamps that are in an old download. While hunting them down I realized that some of my old, old downloads aren't on my computer anymore and might be hard to find. So I downloaded some of my favorites and want to share some of them.

The first one: recolors of Pocci's DewDrop lamps. The meshes are at Garden Breeze - which is going to be closing at the end of this month. There are 4 lamps meshes and Pocci used the repository technique on them. The meshes are included with my recolors!

I haz a question: Before I post more of my older stuff, is there any interest in it? Most of it is recolors. There is a mesh or two AND some lots. The lots were built with: Open for Business, Nightlife, Seasons, Pets; Family Fun, Kitchen & Bath, Glamour Stuff and M & G installed. If more of this gets posted, it'll probably be on it's own tab at the top of the page. :)