Thursday, July 5, 2012

Old Stuffs Revisited - Pt 1

Someone asked where I got some lamps that are in an old download. While hunting them down I realized that some of my old, old downloads aren't on my computer anymore and might be hard to find. So I downloaded some of my favorites and want to share some of them.

The first one: recolors of Pocci's DewDrop lamps. The meshes are at Garden Breeze - which is going to be closing at the end of this month. There are 4 lamps meshes and Pocci used the repository technique on them. The meshes are included with my recolors!

I haz a question: Before I post more of my older stuff, is there any interest in it? Most of it is recolors. There is a mesh or two AND some lots. The lots were built with: Open for Business, Nightlife, Seasons, Pets; Family Fun, Kitchen & Bath, Glamour Stuff and M & G installed. If more of this gets posted, it'll probably be on it's own tab at the top of the page. :)

That's all the pics that were included with the original download. It looks like all the recolors might not be shown. The quality of the pics is bad! The recolors do look better than that in game.

Get the recolors here if you'd like them!

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