Saturday, July 21, 2012

WIP (Once again..)

I was playing around with arched niches and ended up with this:

That's the not-quite-finished version. Not much has changed, just a couple of little tweaks.  There are 2 more of them..both are a bit longer. There is also a shelf with an invisible recolor since I couldn't add a slot to the windows (which is what the niches are) for the life of me. :) Since these are really meant to be used outside there is only 1 slot.
That's  a more-finished version. :)

That's the most-finished version. Thanks to Buggybooz, I now know how to add slots to windows. So these have slots- no need for the shelf. Also- thanks to Leesester, I know how to stop window coming through a door/window. So these don't let light into a house. Since they're NOT windows I didn't see a reason for them to let light in. :)

A 2-tile version has been suggested. (Will have more than 1 slot.) (Might do one more 2-tile version- the longest one if it doesn't look like it's "too much".)
A Moorish or Gothic version has been suggested.
Diagonal versions should probably be done too, lol.
Narrow version suggested. (Might do more versions of that one.)

So: I'm asking anyone who might read this- can you think of anything else? I don't want this to be a humungous set but I'm willing to consider other versions/varieties/flavors. The screenshot really doesn't do these justice. They are absolutely gorgeous in game. (And I think they'd go with Buggybooz' set, too.)

I don't know if I regret the day I saw Orange Mitten's TS3 niches at Simlogical or not... and I won't soon forget when I saw that Buggybooz had uploaded niches. I was sure all my plans had just went down the drain. :)


  1. I think They will be Awesome! Can you make them have the same colors as the ATS Lagorette set? I always wanted more to match that set & this would be perfect. :)

    1. I honestly don't know about making recolors to match that set..I still haven't decided what the recolors will be. :) That's a bit different for me because I've usually got recolors done before the mesh is "final". But I'll see..maybe a few of them will get done.

  2. Did you ever finish this set? I'd love to have it.