Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bah Humbug? Nah, Happy Happy Joy Joy!

This may be jumping the gun a bit, but just in case- if there are no more posts here after the 14th of this month that will be because I'm without internet access. I don't have any way to pay the past due amount and my internet provider is very, very prompt when it comes to disconnecting people. If that happens, it'll be harder to get it turned back on. Not only will there be a reconnect fee.. but they'll consider the contract terminated and probably tack on the termination fee too. :(

Like a lot of people everywhere I've had a rough year. Without going into super detail.. I had to grow up and take charge of things in my home life for my kids' sake and lost my job in the process. Home life has improved, my kids are safe and happy but anything I had saved is gone and a job hasn't been found. Things were quite crazy for awhile and being able to share the things I make and interact with the community  has helped keep my sanity. But all good things must come to an end whether we want them to or not.

So- if I up and "disappear" you'll know why. Hopefully it won't happen but if it does..hopefully I can get back sooner, rather than later.

All of the above crossed out since you're all stuck with me a bit longer! :) Thanks to the very generous and caring Sailfindragon, the bill will be paid tomorrow. I'm not a drama llama and normally would've just faded away and popped back up sooner or later. But I felt something should be said since I don't stick to other sites (MTS, Sailfinsims, BPS, GOS) anymore... someone might have noticed I was gone, lol. So- thanks again Debs my friend. Sanity saved.. creating and sharing continued.

Also- thank you Ginnie for the offer to put my files in a Yahoo Group. And..thanks for what else you were going to do, too. That was a very lovely thought and I really, really appreciate it.


  1. Could Saving the Sims help by posting your creations in Yahoo groups as a temporary way to keep your things available? I'm at schoepfvirginia and it's a Yahoo account if you want us to do that. Ginnie

    1. Hi Ginnie! I'm very familiar with the Saving the Sims groups- I've joined many of them.

      Since I'm hoping to get the bill paid somehow (the kids are already mourning the loss of Netflix since we don't have cable, lol), how about this: if it gets paid I'll be sure to come back here and update. If that doesn't happen you can post them in a group. That sound alright? Some of the stuff here is at Mod The Sims. Same thing with the stuff posted on my LJ - - anything NOT posted at either place is at MTS, BPS, Leefish or somewhere else they should be fine at. Since my Mediafire and Box accounts are free any files linked to should be fine for awhile too. And I won't be closing or deleting either blog. (At least nothing would be closed due to non-payment, but I'm not sure how long files are kept if there's no activity of any kind.)

      I'm really hoping none of that has to be done. It's easier to come up with $60.00 than that AND a termination fee..if they'd even let me sign up with them again. (Although our cable company does offer just internet now- at the price of an arm and a leg. O_O I'm rather fond of my arms and legs, lol.)

  2. Works for me! Just let me know where I can grab the files if need be. One or two of the STS'ers know how to use HTTracker to get the files, so All I need are the urls. Ginnie

  3. It's wonderful how generous people in the Sims world are, thank goodness that there are still people like that out there, big hugs, judith.

    PS I'm so glad that you are still here.

    1. Thanks judith! *hugs* back to you. :)

      It is wonderful, isn't it?