Thursday, August 2, 2012

TGGarden1 Door & Windows Revamped and An Add-On

Would you believe this was another project in my "Quicky" folder? Turned out to be not-so-quick. I originally set out to recolor these meshes because I couldn't find any recolors. The way they were mapped, however, left a very tiny spot on the texture for the actual door or window. Most of the texture was left for the doorknob and glass. So I decided to remap the whole set and while I was at it, I added an arch and slaved the windows and arch to the door.

The fact that the doorknob was such a large part of the texture gave me an idea: I redid the doorknob and it is now a subset, which means that there are 2 recolorable subsets- the door and the doorknob. I gave each texture a unique doorknob texture and am pretty happy with the results. Everything is still on the same texture- textures can still be mix/matched. This DOES mean that the glass is the same, old boring texture throughout, but I tried to find a happy medium with the opacity and texture. There is a slight texture to the glass and it's mostly transparent.

A few notes:
The doorknobs look off center- in game they're fine. Moving them to be in the center in MilkShape made them off center in game, lol.

The door and arch have spots that look off- it looks like the texture isn't covering the mesh all the way or the wall mask is sticking through. It's very slight and more noticeable far away. Up close they're fine. The map is fine and the wall mask is not sticking through the mesh- I don't know what's up with that and left it be after trying to fix it. (Like I said, it's mainly far away views that show up strange.)

Due to the shape of the top of the meshes, if you put 2 side-by-side the tops will overlap a bit. That's the shape and I didn't want to change it...cuz I like it. :)

I didn't give TG's meshes new GUID's so these WILL overwrite the originals. The arch is mine and has a new GUID.

The glass in the windows has been moved. There is no "back" to the window pane- just the frame- and the glass on that side was just floating in space, so I moved it to the same spot as the glass in the "front".

There are no wallshadows for any of the meshes. The originals didn't have them...rather they did, but they were made very tiny and were hid in the mesh out of place and didn't have textures. Since I've got the arched niches to work on again and another project I have to do (super excited about that one!!), I left the wallshadows alone. (Besides, not all Maxis windows and doors have proper shadows! That's my excuse at

What you get:
1-tile door & diagonal
1-tile window & diagonal
2-tile window & diagonal
1-tile arch and diagonal
6 recolors: Maxis Match light, dark, medium, cherry, black and white woods

Remember: The DOOR is the MASTER and is needed for the rest of the meshes to work in game.

Download Meshes & Recolors

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  1. These look great! I can't wait to use them :)