Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Great Divide - Without Pets

Sometime back in April, Eva (eefje00704) extracted the Great Divide for me. I then promptly forgot about it. :( Well, now that I've remembered- here is the Great Divide for those without Pets. Since these are fences, each color is a separate package. You get Maxis Match woods in light, medium, dark, cherry, black and white. Metals will be be next. :)

These were cloned from a basegame fence with SimPE set up to load only basegame meshes. BUT you might need at least one EP to use them. (Please let me know if you have basegame only and can use them!)    

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Knock On Wood 1x1 - 11 Recolors

Before I get into the whole pictures and link to download, I would like to say that I thought these recolors (or at least some of them) already existed. Since I couldn't find any and really needed a pastel pink recolor, I did the pink myself. And since you can't have just one lonely, little recolor I did a few more. These only recolor the 1x1 shelf. I'm working on the 1x2. Because they have to match! :) You must have Apartment Life for these to show in your game because they're, well, Apartment Life recolors. If you don't like the colored brackets, this shelf has 2 subsets so you can still use the Maxis color for the brackets. That also means you can mix-n-match the colors.. green shelf with pink brackets anyone?


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Columns & Beams UNredux'ed - Expansion of HugeLunatic's Columns & Beams

While working on a log cabin I realized that there no recolors of Huge Lunatic's Columns & Beams that matched the stairs I was using. (Jeka's modular log stairs at Mod The Sims..perfect for log cabins.) So I did a few recolors. Then I realized that HL's meshes didn't shift like I wanted so I set out to make ONE mesh that would shift. Then..well, things got a bit out of hand and I ended up making over 20 new meshes- all slaved to HL's master column (except the fences). There are more columns, more beams, fences, a gate and all-in-all I'm pleased with the end results. Counting the original set there are almost 30 meshes.. here are my additions: