Saturday, September 15, 2012

Columns & Beams UNredux'ed - Expansion of HugeLunatic's Columns & Beams

While working on a log cabin I realized that there no recolors of Huge Lunatic's Columns & Beams that matched the stairs I was using. (Jeka's modular log stairs at Mod The Sims..perfect for log cabins.) So I did a few recolors. Then I realized that HL's meshes didn't shift like I wanted so I set out to make ONE mesh that would shift. Then..well, things got a bit out of hand and I ended up making over 20 new meshes- all slaved to HL's master column (except the fences). There are more columns, more beams, fences, a gate and all-in-all I'm pleased with the end results. Counting the original set there are almost 30 meshes.. here are my additions:

 As seen in the above pic:
1) 3 columns (1 story, 2 story and a very short one) with angled tops. The 1 and 2 story columns are wall height and the angled end will fit under roofs. The very short column was made to be used if you build with CFE on- there will be a spot that isn't covered by either of the other 2 columns. This short column will fit there AND it will shift a little bit if needed to fit the gap. There are also 3 deco columns that can be used at the ends of the flipped beams to make it look like logs are sticking out the sides of houses and porches. (See additional screenshots!) NOTE: The angles work best with roof angles from 25 to 45 degrees. All 3 columns are offset and just need to be rotated to fit in different spots. All will work with the quarter tile cheat if needed- but since they're offset, that shouldn't be necessary!
2) 5 flipped beams. These are HL's half round beams rotated 45 degrees. There are 3 1 tile beams- 2 with angled ends to fit under roofs and a 3 tile and a 5 tile. ALL are exactly the tile width stated. All can be placed directly on a wall without showing through on the other side of the wall. NOTE: All of these meshes are shiftable if you have Apartment Life and can be used with the quarter tile cheat if you have Mansions & Gardens.
3) Round deco- these are basically thinner columns but are deco only. (They won't support anything like a column will.) There is an upright column, 2 angled columns, a 5 tile deco fan and a 3 tile deco fan. The angled columns are offset and work well with the upright column- the fans are basically those 3 meshes combined to make it easier to get that look. NOTE: The deco fans take up 3 and 5 tiles but only have a 1 tile footprint in game. All of these meshes will show through the other side of the wall if placed on a wall- which can look neat, I tried it. But if you don't want them to show through...
4) Half round deco- half round versions of the upright and 2 angled meshes from above. They can be placed against a wall without showing through and are positioned at the back of the footprint so no cheats are needed to get them in the right spot.
5) 4 fences - one with HL's default texture, 1 with Jeka's modular log stair texture and 2 with Kalimero's textures/recolors of Jeka's stairs. NOTE: If you have at least 1 EP the fences will only have a post where you start/stop dragging. So if you want a post every tile, drag one tile at a time. There is also a basegame version of the fences- there will be a post every tile with those. Only 1 set can be used- so if you want to choose where there are posts, keep the EP version. 2nd NOTE: These fences are bit taller and are sized to be used with with flipped beams and round deco. Used together, the round deco will be in the middle of the fence- for the best look, drag the fence the length you want so there won't be posts in the middle of the deco pieces. The fences work just fine as regular fences too.
6) A gate- with recolors matching the fences. This gate is a bit skinnier than most gates due to the size of the fence but still works perfectly in game.
7) Not pictured- recolors of HL's master column in the fence/gate textures.

 Pic above: My half round beams are placed higher than HL's beams- mine can shift down to meet those columns so you can use HL's set along with mine. You can put my half round beams in front of a door and sims can still use the door.

Pic above: All meshes but the taller/very short column will go down with the walls. NOTE: In my pics, I used 2 of the 1,3 and 5 tile flipped beams around the porch- place one in front then flip another one around to place in back. They will meet in the middle seamlessly and will also "hide" the ends of the deco fans if you use them. The ends that stick out are my little deco columns. :)

Pic above: Shows half round deco pieces on walls; also shows a closer pic of the fence and deco on the porch.

Pic above: The mostly finished example of what you can do with these meshes.

This is a horribly long post, I know. It might look complicated to use these meshes but it's really not and I had fun decorating the little cabin above with them. While doing the descriptions in SimPE I tried to put as much information as I could on placing some of the parts- like the angled meshes. If a mesh is meant to be used on the left, it has left in the name..same as for meshes meant to be used on the right. :)

A few last minute notes: You might need to use moveobjects on to place some of the meshes. They are edited to allow intersection but there are places they won't place without the cheat.  The real columns WILL show through the other side of the wall- this was on purpose and looks neat on the inside with most wallpapers. Most of the meshes can be used inside to make a divider between rooms. The real columns can be found in Build>Columns. Fences in Build>Fences, gate in Build>Gates. All the other meshes can be found in Deco>Wallhangings. A collection file is included- HL's meshes are in it. Unfortunately, the fences are NOT in the collection file.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask. And I hope you have fun playing around with these. :)

HL's Columns and Beams  NOT included and you NEED the master column for this set to work in game. 
Jeka's Modular Log Stairs
Kalimero's Recolors of Jeka's Stairs

Download My Meshes  Includes EP Fences and Collection File
Download Recolors
Download BASEGAME Fences 


  1. Wow! This a fantastic addition to that set, can't wait to use it. Thanks so much.

    1. You're very welcome. (Pics at PBK at some point? I'd like to see what you do with these. :) )

  2. Maria, I am amazed at your talent! Thanks for all you do...Hugs Donna (aka dsreds )

  3. Wow! That house looks perfect -- great job expanding the set. :)

    1. I love that little house! This set was made because of another house I was working on and planned on uploading when it's done. Now I don't know which one to finish.. both? Hmmmm.. who knows with me, lol. (Of course, I didn't save a copy of the little one and it's got an occupant so I'd have to rebuild it.)

  4. I'm so thankful for this set. I love building stuff in general and always found there's a lack of column variety; especially the angled ones are great!

    1. The angled ones were a pain in the rear, lol. I wanted them to be able to be used in more than just one way (as in "you can only use these here, they won't work over there") so there was a lot of adjust/check in game/adjust again/rinse and repeat. But I'm happy with the way they turned out.

  5. These are great! Thanks Maria!

  6. Great work MLC! I think she's outdone herself this time.

  7. Thanks for this set Maria! I so LUV architectural bits! What awesome complimentary creations.

  8. Wow!!!!!!! This is fantastic! really, amazing. I'm Kalimero from MTS, thanks for give credit to Jeka and me. Kisses!

  9. Great work,Thank you so much

  10. Great work,Thank you so much

  11. Thank you. These are so beautiful.