Thursday, September 20, 2012

Knock On Wood 1x1 - 11 Recolors

Before I get into the whole pictures and link to download, I would like to say that I thought these recolors (or at least some of them) already existed. Since I couldn't find any and really needed a pastel pink recolor, I did the pink myself. And since you can't have just one lonely, little recolor I did a few more. These only recolor the 1x1 shelf. I'm working on the 1x2. Because they have to match! :) You must have Apartment Life for these to show in your game because they're, well, Apartment Life recolors. If you don't like the colored brackets, this shelf has 2 subsets so you can still use the Maxis color for the brackets. That also means you can mix-n-match the colors.. green shelf with pink brackets anyone?




  1. Ha ha - google made me work pretty hard to sign on but I wanted to say thank you! I love the colors and especially how the bracket matches :)

    1. You're welcome! :) The brackets had to match since they COULD and there's already a black one in game. I've made shelves for my own house and used white brackets just so they'd blend in with the walls better. I seem to have a dislike for dark brackets that stand out, lol.