Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Goodies Part 1

While looking for some Halloween pics to use, I saw this gorgeous blood moon wallpaper. I thought it would make a neat mural for our games. After I saw it in game, I decided to do some more. So here are 7 2-part murals on Pixelhate's 2-tile poster. (Which means that each mural takes up 4 tiles.)

Why use the poster mesh instead of making wallpaper? Honestly- I have a gazillion wallpapers, lol. Since these are on the poster mesh, there IS a slight line between the 2 parts. It's more noticeable on some.. hopefully you won't think it's too bad and like these as much as I do.

I've included the mesh, HOWEVER- it's BoilingOil's edit of the original mesh. The mesh is the same, all BO did was change the cost and room score. (Maybe the category too? This is in Deco>Misc in my game.) If you want the edit, just let this mesh overwrite the original.

Download Recolors & Mesh

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  1. Wow! It's very nice!
    Fantastique goodies!
    Thank you :)