Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Log Cabin - Residential Lot

This is the reason I expanded HugeLunatic's columns and beams- I wanted to build a log cabin that hopefully isn't like anyone else's. :) Since I've used meshes that weren't available for other lot builders.. well, you can decide for yourself if I succeeded or not. This lot is a new lot but it's pretty much the same as the lot you can see in my columns and beams download.. not much was changed.

If you want an unfurnished version of this lot, you can get it HERE.

1 bedroom (with room for more), 2 bath lot made with Nightlife, Open For Business, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Freetime, Apartment Life, Family Fun Stuff, Happy Holiday Stuff, Ikea, Kitchen & Bath Stuff and Mansion & Garden installed. Lot is 3x3 and costs 89,958. CFE, moveobjects on and setquartertileplacement on cheats were used while building and decorating. There IS cc included (a lot of it is my stuff) so be sure to check off what you don't need in Clean Installer before installing. :)

 Above 2 pics- trees were removed for the pics then put back.

 Thanks to using CFE, the attic is fully useable by sims and is seasons-proof (this was tested out during a thunderstorm in my game!). Since I only play singles/couples, there's only 1 bedroom. But the area under the porch roof could be made into an open bedroom (don't try to put a wall, it will stick through the roof) OR the bedroom/bathroom area can be easily remodeled to add another bedroom. You might notice another door leading out of the bedroom? That leads to a 2-tile space that can be used. I put a dresser and a few other objects in that spot in my copy, but a crib and other nursery items could go there. Another option would be getting rid of the bedroom seating area and using nursery furniture in that spot instead. If none of those options appeal to you, there's room for a bedroom on the main floor also. (Or forget putting a car in the garage and convert it for those noisy kids!)

There is a garage but I didn't include a car- I use MogHughson's parking spot mod and my cars all have the cc stars.

Terrain paint was used and is included in the lot file. Do NOT try to delete the terrain paint in Clean Installer- you'll get the the flashies..and flashies are not a good thing. : ) They're awesome terrain paints by Medinaquirin made with textures extracted from Oblivion and I use them all the time. Very clear and realistic.

Basegame versions of the  Mr. & Mrs. Badger portraits from Pets by CuriousB (made because of a request from me!) are included. If you have Pets, you don't need to install these meshes. There are recolors included in the download too- those will work with the basegame version or the Pets version, thanks to CuriousB linking the new meshes to the Pets version.

In my copy, the furniture layout works fine- but I have a single sim living in it. While play testing the fininshed lot, I noticed there might be problems with getting blocked if there is more than one sim. In that case, using setquartertileplacement on to move the 2 loveseats on the "sides" back a bit will solve that. (I did notice they got stuck once..and moved the loveseats after that.) That's the only area I noticed any problems in. They will sit in the angled chairs just fine. (The lot in the download has never had sims living on it. I play tested a copy. ;) I also downloaded and installed the lot in my game to make sure it would load fine- and it did.)

Very Important Note:
I used Jeka's modular log stairs from Mod The Sims. If you have these stairs, no problem. If you don't want them, no problem- uncheck them in Clean Installer in either case. If you DO want them- there is a .txt file included in the download. You need to place it in your Scriptorium folder (if you use it) OR add it to the modularstairs text file following the instructions included in the text file in the download.

I included a credits text with links in the download but I will say thanks here to: Mymashup, Jeka, Cassandre, chrissy6930, CTNutmegger, CuriousB, Guatla, HugeLunatic, Pocci, Leesester, Nengi65, SilentLucidity, Sweetswami77, Gwenke,  Medinaquirin, MogHughson, Sophie-David, Roddyalexio, iCad and hafiseazale.

Omg, speaking of iCad- I forgot one more thing, lol. I used her recolors for all the doors and windows..and the counters (I think). I'm not 100% sure if Maxis recolors tag along or not. So, if you don't have them, the recolors I used may or may not show up- if not, Maxis colors will show up instead. (What are you waiting for? Go to iCad's profile at MTS and download a lot of pretty recolors!! I resisted for a very long time..and don't regret giving in at all. So many pretty wood tones to choose from.)

That's it, I think. It's been forever since I shared a lot anywhere. So if I forgot something that should be known, let me know. And remind me to never do this again, lol. It's so much easier to make new meshes and share them. :)

Edited because I did forget something (and I knew I would)- the short cafe curtain recolors I used are mine. If you need them you can get them here

Goggalor @ MATY Shiftables Mod - just because shifting is fun!!

Sophie David- Buyable Aspiration & Career Rewards for Lot Builders - I used some of the items in the lot and did not remove them. If you don't have this download I'm pretty sure these items won't show up in the lot at all since SD's file goes in the TS2 Bin in Program Files.

HugeLunatic's Columns & Beams Redux - Very important because you need the master from her set for my expansion set to work in game! So get at least the master if you don't have it already.
Roddyalexio's Invisible Driveway & Extension - it doesn't package with lots.

Download 1BR, 2 Bath Log Cabin


  1. Wow, MLC it's lovely :) You really should build more often and share :)

    1. Thanks Karen. :) How about I give you all the unfinished lots and you can finish them, lol. You do lovely lots.. I forgot what a pain it is to hunt down the needed links. Unfurnished would be much easier!

  2. Thanks MLC :) How about doing what I've started to do and write the CC list as you go along, not forgetting your own? I tend to only download from a few sites so it's easier to find the stuff too. I'm gonna have to start looking at the amount of CC I use too - far too much. :D