Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Morrocan Curtains - Edit, Add-Ons & Recolors

Another project bites the dust! :) I do have recolors of this curtain but my curtain addiction cried out for more. Plus, none of the colors I had quite matched the current house I'm working on, lol. If anyone knows of any more recolors, could you post a link?

Edit: The original, unedited curtain can be found here.  Remember, my recolors will work with this curtain but you will need my edit for the rod to be recolorable. The half-open slaves could probably be used with the original curtain. (I didn't change any filenames or the GUID.)

The edit: The original mesh has been smoothed because I noticed half the rod was colored oddly. The rod is also it's own recolorable subset now. I'd never tried the diagonal version out so I'm not sure if it worked properly before- when looking at it to clone it I noticed a few extra letters in one of the entries that shouldn't have been there..so I corrected that.

The add-ons: 2 half open curtains. One for the left and one for the right. Both are slaved to the original curtain so you have to have that for these 2 to work in game. They might not reach the side on all windows, there might be a tiny little barely noticeable gap- but the original curtain is like that too.

The recolors: 20 random textures picked randomly from my textures folder. Some of them didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped- but none of them screamed "Delete me!" at me so you can have them all if you want them. No swatch, sorry. My PhotoShop is acting up on me tonight. The files are named by pattern and if some of them have strange names, blame the texture, lol. One of the textures is in there twice because I mirrored it to use it on both sides. NOTE: There is only 1 recolor of the rod and it's black.

All curtains have working diagonals. Hope you like these and can use them. And if anyone would like the .psd I made with shadowing, let me know and I'll post it.

Download Meshes & Recolors

Important: If you'd like my mesh (the original curtain and it's diagonal version) edits, just let them replace the originals. If you don't want the edits, the recolors will still work with the originals. :)


  1. I like the stripey ones...Thank you! Are these EA/Maxis mesh edits and add-ons, or are they by another creator?

    1. You're welcome! :)

      And- oops, I forgot to put a link to the originals. The post has been edited with a link. They're from Exotic Elements and so is the Moroccan door from a previous post.

    2. These are fabulous! Many thanks! Where on the exotic elements site is the Moroccan door? I can't find it. :(

    3. I am soooo sorry it's taken me this long to answer you. :( If you choose Africa from the destination drop down, it's on that page in the "Moroccan Renewed" set.
      And..thanks! You're very welcome. :)