Friday, December 21, 2012

A Candle In The Window

Moar lights!! Yep. :) I admit it. I'm a sucker for Christmas songs. (I'll even listen to them in the middle of summer.) The title for this download comes from a song by Alabama by the same name. You can listen to the song here  I wanted a candle in the window for my game, so this is what I came up with:

 No Chrissy Mas this time? Nope. :) She's at her house getting ready to travel to her parents, while they're putting the finishing touches on their decorating. Yeah, yeah..I know that's the Goodies in the pic, just play along will ya?!? )

The meshes:
a triple light - 2 subsets
a single light - 2 subsets
a mutli-slot OMSP - 1 subset

The lights have 2 subsets, but I only recolored the base and you get 3 colors: white, silver and gold. The OMSP has an invisible recolor.

Now the important stuff:
The lights and OMSP are placed towards the back of their footprints to make it super easy to place them in a window. If you want to use them for anything else, you'll have to use cheats to place them. (Sorry about that, but I made these lights for windows!)
The OMSP has multiple slots so you can use the lights in different windows. There are 6 heights altogether- in my testing this made it possible to put them in quite a few windows, Maxis and custom.
To use the OMSP: If you can cycle through slots with "m", just cycle through them to get the right height. If you can't cycle through slots with "m", you'll have to fill all the slots then delete the lights you don't need. (You can click on the very sides of the light bases to make this possible.)
All the meshes will keep buying. I made it that way to make it easier to place the lights in a lot of windows.
If you don't want to use the OMSP and have Apartment Life, the lights will shift. They might not fit in all windows, but it is a solution if you don't want another OMSP in your catalog.

Note: The pics with the Goodies in them show the light's base from the outside. This was my mistake, I must've put the lights up one slot too high. The bases do not show from the outside, just like the real versions of these that I have. Just the candle part shows on the outside. :) OMG! Never mind that! The windows were OPEN, for crying out loud! So, yeah, if the windows are open you will see the base. (Where in the world was my brain when the windows got opened while it was snowing?!?)


If you have any questions about using the OMSP, please feel free to ask!


  1. Another goodie from you!!! I can't wait to get these in my game!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

    1. :D You're welcome. Merry Christmas to you too!!