Monday, December 24, 2012

OhBehave Sideboard - Slots Added & Recolored

One of the folders sitting on my desktop is labeled "Add Slots". This nifty sideboard was in there along with her new Christmas sideboard..(I'll be getting around to that one soon). There are now 8 slots, 5 on the top and 3 on the bottom. 3 of the top slots are set back farther and the other 2 are closer to the front. I tried a lot of objects out on those slots and didn't really run into anything that didn't fit! OhBehave's original mesh is HERE.

While I was adding the slots I decided to do some recolors. These aren't my usual MM wood recolors. I wanted to do something a bit different. (You will see some MM woods though!) The recolors are named well enough that you'll be able to tell which is which if there are any you don't want. :)

With permission, I'm including the edited mesh with my recolors. So if you have the original let this one overwrite the one in your downloads folder. And remember, if you have this sideboard in any of your lots and want to use the slots, you'll have to rebuy the mesh in game.

I hope you all have an awesome Christmas!

 Download EDITED mesh & recolors

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