Thursday, January 31, 2013

112 Shakey Lane (Residential)

Starting out Shakey Lane is #112. This is a 1 bedroom/1 bath lot. It looks tiny and it is. :) I play tested it with just 1 sim and it worked perfectly. For the bedroom, I used Inge's Shelf Bed shifted up to the highest level with a dresser underneath it and still had room for a desk and other things! So it's roomier than it looks.

Please forgive me ahead of time for the content screenshots and the extra recolors. It's a poor excuse, but I've been so stressed lately along with not feeling the greatest (probably because of the stress?) that I just couldn't figure it all out. After loading my game for the 3rd time to figure out which recolors I used and getting lost.. I just gave up.

That said:
There are stairs included, they're highlighted in RED. They won't harm your game in any way. You can just install them- no need for a Scriptorium file. They're the concrete stairs that are already in game- Huge Lunatic made them recolorable. (And I love her forever for that cuz I use those stairs A LOT.)

There are a few things made by me included- a couple of recolors of Raynuss's lilacs and the girders I already posted. (So if you have those, just uncheck them in CI!) Why the girders? That house is at the end of the road..which curves.. so... it made sense to me, lol.

Since I love terrain paints, I use and abuse them and every one I used is included. If you don't install them, you'll get the flashing terrain. Trust me, you want them- so much better than Maxis terrain paints.

I used CuriousB's edits of cooldad's telephone poles with these lots. They're placed from side-to-side on each lot so they look seamless from neighborhood view. If you want that look, here's a pic to show how each one is placed in my neighborhood. (You can just delete the poles/signs/lights/tiedowns/transformers if you don't want them at all or move them to suit your needs.) I originally used Ja's neighborhood deco but couldn't get them placed just the way I wanted them. Then a little light bulb went off and I think the result is pretty neat looking.

For EP's/SP's I have installed, see bottom of page!

I'm sure I've forgotten something, so if I have- please let me know!


  1. Shakey Lane is really looking awesome! I can't wait to add these lots to my game. :D

  2. These are full of fabulousity!! :D

  3. Love these houses, just beautiful. Can't wait for the other houses...Thanks!