Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guardrails, Barricades and Walls - Download Is Back!

While working on a new neighborhood, I needed some things. Nothing new, lol. What is new is that I did some 'hood deco! So what I have for you tonight is: guardrails and walls for your lots; warning signs and blockades for your lots and 'hoods.

Warning: Lots of pics!

Above pictures: 1 clean and 3 rusty guardrails- with and without warning stripes; 4 barricades- all in grungy/weathered and clean versions; a separate striped warning sign I made to match the barricades- in rusty and clean versions.
Beosboxboy's original textures were huge- I resized them and in the case of the guardrails, retextured also. The guardrail ends have been redone to have a more logical (to me- that's the way they look where I live) curve. The middle was left as it was, except for the retexture. The poly count for the end pieces is a little bit lower too. (Not that it was really high to begin with.)
The curved part of the right end piece is darker than the rest of the mesh. I tried to fix that but nothing I did worked. I tried remeshing it, smoothing it in MilkShape and UVMapper, reversing the vertex order, taking the curve from the left end and mangling it around. That darker area just wouldn't go away. Sorry about that!

Above pictures: barricades and warning signs shown in hood deco version. I didn't do the guardrails in hood deco versions.. yet. :)

Above pictures: 4 walls. A darker version of a metal wall from MTS and 3 wood recolors of another wall from MTS. You can see the light brown wall on the house in the very first pic.

The guardrails/girders have been repositoried. The middle, straight piece is the master. The ends are slaves. So you must have the middle piece in your game for the other 2 to work. :)

The guardrails/girders and barricades have the same GUIDs as beosboxboy's originals BUT they are new clones. If you have the originals or the my first version of these, REMOVE them from your download folder before putting my fixed version in. :)

You MUST have at least 1 EP for the hood deco! It doesn't matter which EP. They all have GUIDs from my block, so it's unlikely that they will ever clash with any other download. Also, since hood deco isn't recolorable- each texture is a separate mesh.. you can pick and choose which ones you want to keep. All hood deco can be placed anywhere, even on lots.

The wood walls can be found in Siding, the metal wall in Paneling. The lot meshes are all in Deco>Sculptures and the hood deco is in Landmarks. A residential collection file is included but only the lot versions of the guardrails/girders, barricade and warning sign are in it.

Links to originals:
Medieval wall by Dintzz 
Metal wall by devguy

Sorry this took me so long. I got kind of carried away doing other things, lol. And I wanted to make sure the new guardrails didn't crash my game! (After around 25 loads with no crashes, I'd say they're safe, lol.)



  1. Looking forward to these when you figure it out. I have been putting beosboxboy's version in to my game and taking it out for years, because what I really wanted . . . is more like what's in the picture here.

    1. That's the reason his version sat in a folder for the longest time. Those end pieces never looked right to me. I'll be redoing them (my version, that is) real soon cuz I need them for my new hood! Might as well do the hood deco versions at the same time. :)

    2. I never compressorize anything anymore either. I stopped out of laziness, and continued stopping after coming to the conclusion that maybe the number of files was a more critical factor for me than total volume anyway, and began to feel smug about it after I realized that most of the files I deal with are reasonable sizes anyway becuase I don't go in for a lot of hairs . . .

  2. OMG, I love it mustluvcatz! It will go into my Steampunk folder!!!!

    1. :D Thanks! (The download will be back up soon. I redid the guardrails yesterday and am just trying to get the hood deco versions done.)