Saturday, January 12, 2013

Here I go again..

*sigh* Why do people have to make life so complicated? If you can't do something for someone, let them know. Don't keep them waiting.

What am I going on about? Well, the stupid credit union. I did my taxes, but they won't be sent in until the 22nd of this month. Since my refund will be direct deposited I know it'll be available on/about Feb 1st. (Prior experience, lol.) So I figured the deposit could be security for a loan and tried. Now I'm not stupid. I figured it might be turned down even though I've had an account there for years and years and only wanted to borrow 500.00- I don't have any type of loan history to back me up here. Anyway, this was Wednesday morning I did this and someone is supposed to get back with you within a day. I gave it the day then tried to contact someone only to be told all their loan officers were busy and would I like to leave a voice mail. I hate leaving voice mails but I did. No response. Called back, got told nobody was available and they've been "crazy busy". Called back. Same. Called back. Same. Would I like to leave a voice mail? No I would not, been there/done that. I finally got to talk to someone today. Of course, it was turned down. My credit score isn't that bad- the main reason it was turned down is that I don't have income from employment. (Although I do have income.) Honestly people? You couldn't just pick up the phone and tell me "no" 3 days ago? I hate it when people do that.

So, I was holding out hope that it would be approved since my tax refund deposit was the security and I've been a loyal customer for many years. Which means that I didn't look for other options. Which now means that the 14th is right around the corner. Which now means that any hope I had of getting my internet bill paid by then probably went out the window. Unless a miracle happens.. I'll probably be gone after Monday. There's no chance of the internet provider waiting until I get my refund to be paid. *sigh*

I'm gonna try to get as much stuff finished as I can today and tomorrow. If there's anything I've mentioned that doesn't get done, forgive me. There's only so long you can keep things going and it looks like I have finally and totally ran out of luck.


  1. Oh, rats. Want me to make the groups public, then?

  2. If you don't hear from me in any way after Monday, then yes. You know I'm trying to avoid losing my internet. It's not just because of my creating.. there are a few people in my family that I can only talk to online for one reason or another. (One of those is my oldest son, so I'd really be lost if I couldn't ever talk to him and I only see him twice a year.)I just needed to get through this one last month! (Then it will all be fine and dandy...grrrrrr.)

  3. Please check your email, and your account. :)

    1. I did and I did. <3

      Also, I replied to your PM @ Leefish.

  4. Replies
    1. Done and replied. :) (I saw your reply to my reply too!)