Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maaron's Lunasim Roses Conversion ~ Slaved & Recolored

Maaron just converted another set of Lunasims's TS3 roses to TS2 as part of her Secret Santa gift to potpiesims at Garden Of Shadows

Since plants are one of my addictions I knew I wanted recolors. Since doing alotofrecolorsX8 isn't one of my addictions, I slaved the set and only had to do 12 recolors. With Maaron's permission, I'm sharing the edits. If you have her set already just let these files replace the originals. NOTE: maron-obj-lunasimsrosetas1-MESH is the MASTER of the set now. The other 7 meshes are SLAVES so you need maron-obj-lunasimsrosetas1-MESH for the others to work in game. NOTE 2: The originals needed University, which I don't have. This version is basegame. :)

And now for something kindof/sortof my own. I use Holy Simoly's Victorian Porch Fences a lot. The little gap between fence parts over the stairs always bothered me. So, ala tbudgett I made a little add-on to place over stairs to cover that gap and recolored it in all the original textures. It can be found in Deco in Buy mode and costs 9 Simoleons. (You can see how it looks in the very first pic above.) NOTE: You need to use "moveobjects on" or CTRL+Alt to place the mesh over stairs!

Download Rose Edits & Recolors
Residential Collection File is included in Rose download.

Download Porch Add-On & Recolors

P.S. Maron? Apparently I mispelled your name. Repeatedly. :( I was going by the spelling at GOS but I see that it's "maron" in the file names. My apologies and feel free to mangle mustluvcatz in any way you see fit. :)


  1. This is wonderful, amazing, beautiful...I think what I am trying to say is, Thank you! I love it!

    1. :D Glad you like it! You're welcome and thank you. ('course, I can't take credit for the meshes..just the slaving and recolors!)

  2. Ah, slaved meshes, and recolours. Awesome. Thanks!

  3. Oooh- lovely! Thank you <3

  4. Oh, my goodness! This is simply wonderful! I greatly loved that conversion set, but I didn't download it because 1) University EP, which I do not have and 2) No recolours, which means no options! "Eee-gag!", I thought. "With a beautiful set like this, how can you NOT have recolours?!" Lol! And I'm quite happy you thought the same and remedied that issue. Thank you so VERY much for doing so. Now, I can at last download this and decorate my gardens just the way I have dreamt of them to be. :)