Monday, January 21, 2013

Neighborhood Trees

Raynuss created some gorgeous trees. To be honest, the neighborhood deco trees that come with the game suck. I hate them. Sure there are some that aren't that bad- but I still hate them. I want my game to look pretty! *pouts*
So I took 4 of Raynuss' trees and made neighborhood deco out of them. One of them (the chestnut tree) is a bigger version of the Orangutang tree that's available. I honestly didn't notice this until I was doing screenshots. The others are: birch, cottonwood and oak.



 American Chestnut


Poly Warning: These are, sadly, high poly. The lowest is over 3000 and the highest is over 6000. Lowering the polycounts really affected the look so I left them as they are. So please be careful with them and don't plop a bazillion of them all over your hood. Myself? I'm using them in "town", along with trees from CuriousB, and the Maxis trees where I won't be getting as close to them.

All can be found in Landmarks.....cuz I like no-fade versions of trees. :) They can be placed anywhere, even on lots.


  1. Thanks for the nice comment about my trees. I'm so glad you converted some of my trees to neighborhood deco. I had been meaning to do that myself, but I've been so involved in other projects, I haven't found the time. Now, thanks to you, I don't have've done it for me and wonderfully too. Thanks and a BIG hug.


    1. I only did some and I didn't do the fall/winter/spring textures. :) It's always summer in my hoods (unless I make it rain or snow to test things out/want to see the penguin..the little cutie). I saw at N99 that you've done some hood deco? Looks like I need to post my email and see if anyone still has it and can send it to me. Big hug back to you.

  2. This is an excellent project. I have been frustrated with the neighborhood trees as I try to make a seamless lot view/neighborhood view and these things go a long way towards solving that problem.

    1. OMG. I hate those trees. It's so tempting to edit the bark texture at the very least. The only thing stopping me is that I really don't like to edit anything that came with the game. So I'll stick with putting the game trees farther away from my lots. :)

    2. I didn't quite know how to get in contact with you so...I'm using this post hoping you'll see it and answer. Anyway, I just found your "Tree-house Tree" in a lot I downloaded and fell in love with it, but I wanted it as a Seasons Compatible tree so I went ahead and made it that! I also edited the mesh a bit so the foliage doesn't disappear when viewed from the backside. In addition, I expanded the footprint to 9 tiles so Sims wouldn't walk through parts of the tree. I did all of this for my own use, but if you'd like the file to offer as an alternative to your original file, I'd be more than happy to send it to you. BTW, it has it's own set of 10 GUIDs, so it won't overwrite your original.

      Raynuss (Ray)

    3. I get email notifications so I do see any comment left here. That said, it's probably easiest to get in touch with me @ MTS since I'm there - in and out, but there - every day.
      All that said: Yes! Anything that improves something I've done is more than welcome. So share, please? (And thank you!) *hugs*