Friday, January 4, 2013

OBP Bath Care Conversions (TS3 to TS2)

Me? Converting stuffs? Yep. Hopefully I've done these justice. :) Kweenie at Black Pearl Sims requested conversions of bath stuffies from OneBillionPixels. Since I've always liked the downloads on that site and still refuse to play TS3 - *looks forlornly at her TS3 disc just sitting on the bookcase* - it seemed like this might be the way to have some of NewOne's things for myself. All credit for the meshes and textures goes to NewOne.

These 3 are the meshes that Kweenie really wanted so I got them done first. They can be found in Deco>Sculptures for 5 simoleons and are really, really low poly. (100 or so!)

Download Meshes & Recolors

Residential collection file is included and will be updated when more is done. :)

Side note: omg @ PhotoShop, Windows 7 and the DDS Utilities! It took me forever to figure out that I needed the 32 bit DDS utilities even though Windows 7 is 64 bit. You'd think they'd put that important little bit of info somewhere on the download page. (Knowing my luck, it's there somewhere and I just didn't see it, lol.)