Monday, January 28, 2013

Victorian Curtain Recolors

Alright. Maybe my recolors wouldn't pass as Victorian (the velvet should?) but they are recolors of a Victorian curtain! -Maylin's- Victorian curtain, that is.

Recolors were requested by wayniebee at Black Pearl Sims. Since I refuse to make anyone register at a forum, they're going here too. So- let's get on with it. :) These are only for the 1 tile curtain. (The 2 tile will be done soon to finish wayniebee's request.)

There are 12 recolors and they are named logically enough that you can delete any you might not want. Wayniebee specifically wanted recolors to match Cashcraft's Victorian bedroom, a white recolor and some velvet recolors. So there are 2 that will match that bedroom, the white recolor and 3 velvet recolors. (My favorites!)

Download Recolors

Meshes NOT included per Maylin's TOU - Get meshes HERE

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