Thursday, January 24, 2013

WIP Pic :)

Arrrggghh! I wanted the pic to be bigger. :( Putting it on original size makes it too big... and since I'm off to bed as soon as this post is done, I guess it stays the way it is for now. I think it will pop up bigger if you click on it?

That's 2 of the 5 lots I've got done for my new hood. The new hood is why I've been doing some hood deco. :) I'm really liking the way it's starting to look. The house without the guardrails in front of it is my favorite out of the 5 that are done. The lots for that part of the hood are supposed to look like shacks that someone has 'restored' with things that are laying around. Extra wall panels, logs, pieces of screen. So far, so good I think.

So. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I've just gotten really interested in totally decorating a hood for the first time. My plan was to get 3 houses done and post them. Since there are enough done- if there's any interest in them I'll get them ready to put up for download. None of them are furnished except for the bathroom. (And the bathrooms are nothing special, just plain fixtures.)


  1. I put my hands up! They look great! I'm wanting to put the Hatfield family from Sims1 in my hood (5 Sims) and this stuff looks perfect for them and their neighbours!

  2. Someone wants them!! :D

    Well, 3 of them have been sitting on my desktop for a few days now. It's my bedtime sooooo- I'll check them in CI tomorrow. Screenshots are already done and CC lists. Shouldn't take me too long. Unless I get distracted. As usual.

  3. Hi sweetie...
    Just wanted to know if these two are available for download? I love your little houses :) They are wonderful in the game!
    Thank you XOXO