Wednesday, February 6, 2013

114 Shakey Lane (Residential)

Next up: 114 Shakey Lane. Another small 1 bedroom/1bathroom "shack". A copy was playtested and it works fine. The only odd thing: for some unknown reason I made the bedroom long and narrow. I don't think I meant to do that, lol. When I played the lot I extended the inside bedroom wall out one tile and put a 1-tile dresser in the little spot left by that move. (If you try it, you'll see what I mean.) Since this lot is really meant for a single sim, the bedroom is fine the way it is. If you want 2 sims on the lot you should probably extend the wall like I said- and you'll probably have to use Inge's Inaccessible beds mod so a double bed can be used.


Repeating myself from 112 Shakey Lane's post:
Since I love terrain paints, I use and abuse them and every one I used is included. If you don't install them, you'll get the flashing terrain. Trust me, you want them- so much better than Maxis terrain paints.

I used CuriousB's edits of cooldad's telephone poles with these lots. They're placed from side-to-side on each lot so they look seamless from neighborhood view. If you want that look, here's a pic to show how each one is placed in my neighborhood. (You can just delete the poles/signs/lights/tiedowns/transformers if you don't want them at all or move them to suit your needs.) I originally used Ja's neighborhood deco but couldn't get them placed just the way I wanted them. Then a little light bulb went off and I think the result is pretty neat looking.

If you do not want the stairs included in the download, just uncheck them in Clean Installer. If you don't have them and DO want them, please visit Jeka's Modular Stair Thread to get the required .txt file that needs to be put in your Scriptorium folder OR added to the end of your modularstairs .txt!

There are a couple of things by me in the download: a few walls that are edits of existing walls from MTS (including a white recolor of Adele's parchment wall) AND my add-on to HolySimoly's Victorian Porch Fence. So if you have that (and the recolors) just uncheck them in CleanInstaller.  (Same as you would for anything else you already have!) :)

Other than that- credit and thanks to:
Jeka (see NOTE about stairs above!!)

For EP's/SP's I have installed, see bottom of page!


  1. Simply stunning. I should try to make a 1x1 lot one day. -XGC

    1. Thanks Shane. :) It's not a 1x1 though- it's the second one in the lot bin. Maybe I should try a 1x1 some day, lol. Those mini lots have been sitting in my "not using right now" folder for forever.. should break them out and try one!(You too!)