Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cluttered Teen Studio Shelf (Edit)

A very long time ago, there was a request at Black Pearl Sims- the requester wanted the tree shelf from Cassandre's Cluttered Teen Studio made basegame, since it required Uni. I can't find that request anymore but it apparently never got filled.

The mesh has been sitting in my quickies folder for quite a while. When I get frustrated and/or sick of working on something, I take a look in that folder. The shelf jumped out at me the last time I looked. So- here's a basegame compatible version of that shelf.

There are a 2 very important things you need to know about this new version:
1. It has been remapped.
2. The texture has been made bigger.

The texture for the tree part of this was tiny, while the texture for the shelves was huge. So I switched that around. The tree texture is now 512x512, while the glass texture is 64x64. The tree part was remapped to take advantage of the larger texture. Some textures might look a bit blurry no matter what size you make them.. I tried to minimize that. The tree was tough to remap. :(

What this means: Any recolors you might have for this shelf most likely won't look right anymore. You can try them out though! There are 3 recolors by CrazyTulip included- I redid her textures. (There are a few more by her that I couldn't redo properly, so those are not included.) This version uses the same GUID as cassandre's, just let it replace the original in your downloads folder.

One other thing- I added 5 more slots to the shelves because smaller objects looked lost, lol. Cassandre's original 10 slots will be filled first. I did it like that on purpose- bigger objects fill the shelves better than small objects. So if any of the shelves have room, you can put one more object on that shelf right in the middle.

Now that I had a shiny new shelf to play around with, I did some recolors. There are also some recolors for the glass shelves.

  This pic- top 3 textures are CrazyTulip's, edited by me.

Note: This is a very high poly mesh. I did try to reduce the polys a bit and I did. A BIT. It's still over 7,000 polys. Any lower than that really affected the mesh.

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