Saturday, February 16, 2013

Terrain Paint x 6

 I debated putting these up here. Someone might find them useful, so here goes. You might know that I love terrain paints. (It's true, I do!) While I have lots and lots of them, I found myself needing some that were more "in your face". I needed some that are good for layering. A lot of the terrain paints I have layer, but don't layer well. You loose a lot of the detail of at least one of them. The main reason I layer is to have one showing through the other. So- I made these. They're very obvious- but play well when layering. No pics of said layering because I forgot. :( OH wait! The pic of the flowering bushes? Terrain paints are layered under the bushes! Just not sure if both of them are mine. :) Images used for the textures are various Google images that I smooshed around in Photoshop to make seamless either because they weren't or to get rid of lighting differences.



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    1. Thanks Debs! :) Now that I've got the hang of terrain paints (at least I THINK I do..) I might try some more after I get the bazillion things done/never posted taken care of.

    2. Awesome. Since playing Sims 3. I have been getting right into Terrain paints. So these ones will come in very handy in Sims 2.

  2. I like layering terrain paints too! I've been exploring offset versions of the highly detailed ones like flowering ground covers.

    apparently I can't actually comment as myself. I'm ritaxis, but the system keeps kicking me out when I try to log in with my livejournal id.