Sunday, February 3, 2013

Well hello there, dear anon commenter!

Sorry, but I turned human verification back on. I had turned it off because there are/were people who had trouble posting comments because of it. (It's the little captcha, right?) But there's an average of 50 spam comments a day and it's driving me crazy. I check my email quite often and have to read each email I get to make sure it's not a real comment. *bleh* So it's back on. If anyone knows any other way to avoid or cut down on the spam comments.. please let me in on it! I'd much rather click buttons making new stuff than click buttons to delete nonsense. :)


  1. Heh... that sounds familiar :) But all the spam I get automatically goes to spam box. I just check it once in a while and delete it from there. Don't you have the same option on?

    1. I do but it's not perfect. Junk/spam doesn't always go to the junk folder- and to make it worse, real email doesn't always go to the inbox. :( (Even with the "safe senders" thingy.) So, for now, it's easier to just keep the verification on here. And I know that's a pain in the butt.