Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Anywhere Sink - Small Update

Have you ever wanted to be able to put a sink anywhere you want and be able to use it? I have. I had this burning desire to be able to put a sink on a table, end table, desk.. and have it look good and be functional. There is a sink from Exotic Elements that can be placed on a table. While I do love that sink (it's so pretty), the animations are too off for me and the water isn't visible. So here you go:

3-13-2013: Per suggestion by TheNinthWave, I updated the sink. It can be used with the 1/4 tile cheat AND an OMSP and be used on an angle. You can also use boolprop snapobjectstogrid false along with an OMSP. It will still work as it should unless: it's placed to close the the edge of the surface.

If you want the updated sink, please redownload and let the mesh replace the one in your folder. You'll have to rebuy it in game for the changes to take effect if you've already placed one somewhere. :)

NOTE: This may require K&B. I'm not 100% sure it will show up in your game if you don't have K&B. If you don't and it shows up in your game, could you let me know? TIA. :) 2 people tested in a non K&B game with no problems.  :)

The download has 15 files and they may seem un-needed/redundant. There was a method to my madness however:
*8 files are- the mesh and  7 recolors of the sink only. (Mesh has textures for the taps and the sink)
*4 files are invisible recolors for half of the faucet/taps mesh- the bottom pipes and knobs. (Since you can put this sink on a table in the middle of a room, those would look kind of funny!)
*3 files are recolors of the whole taps mesh.

As mentioned above, when you put the sink on a table in the middle of a room- the pipes and knobs that are under the sink are hanging in mid air, doing nothing more than hanging around looking pretty. But that looks silly! With the invisible recolors, you can banish those lingering bits.

The animations are a bit off if you put the sink on a counter and pretty close to perfect on table/end table height surfaces. If you put it on a narrow surface- the sink might not be usable. I tried that in game but it might have been the shelf I used since there were multiple shelves and I had deco on some of them.

No cheats are needed to place the sink, it can be found just where you'd expect it to be (Plumbing>Sinks), costs 470 Simoleons and is roughly 1800 polys.

Download Mesh & Recolors


  1. What a great idea! They look terrific :)

  2. Awesome multi useful fabulous mesh with invisi bit! Love it ty so much =)

  3. I love this sink! Not only is it a brilliant idea, it's pretty, too - win all around! I'll take two! :D

  4. This is an answer to my prayer! I wanted to put a sin on bar counters yaeee! You Rock!!

  5. Love, love love this! Do you think we could talk you into some glass recolors? (sad puppydog eyes) Thank you so much for this! xxxxx

  6. Sorry, I'm blind! Love the glass one!