Saturday, April 20, 2013

Drip Drop Drainpipes - Repositoried

Do you remember this drain pipe set by misty-fluff @ Simulated Situations? If not, it's a nifty set of drain pipes (downspouts?) that add a bit more realism to our simmies houses.

Misty has given me permission to share my edits of that set. I'm also borrowing her screenshot because it's 100x better than mine. :)

Important: [mif]Sims3to2-Drip Drop Faux Drainpipe 1st Floor DrainMASTER is now the master of the set. Since I changed the name of that file, you'll need to delete that file manually. Mine will not overwrite her's! (The rest of the files will overwrite her's.) You can also delete the recolors for the rest of the set- you only need to keep the recolors of [mif]Sims3to2-Drip Drop Faux Drainpipe 1st Floor Drain.


P.S. I did include the recolors of the itty-bitty drainpipe with the edits. You don't have to install those if you already have them/the set- but you do need the meshes! All credit goes to Misty for the meshes and recolors (and the nifty screenie that's now sitting on my desktop).. I just did a little bit of SimPE stuffs. :)