Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wood For Sims Hanging Pot Racks Edited & Recolored

EDIT: While working on what I wanted to slave from this set (which wouldn't have been any of the furniture), I saw that Hafiseazale slaved the whole set (which does include the furniture). So, if you want to keep all of her edits- and get rid of this little set- so you have the whole set by one creator? Delete my edits.. the recolors will still work though. :)

Amythestfenix recently released her Gingham Kitchen recolors. She used the pot racks from Wood For Sims, which reminded me that I've had those since I first learned about the booty. Which then led me to load up my game to build and decorate for a bit. Well, that lasted all of 5 minutes since I realized that there are 4 pot rack pieces and they all use the same texture. So back to fiddling around with meshes I went.

What you get here is the pot racks from Wood For Sims Big Barn Kitchen slaved- the 1 tile rack [wfs2barnkithangpots1a] is the master and the parts to make an "any size" rack (shown in pic above) are the slaves; and recolors of the milk chum (that's the file name) to match the pot rack recolors I did.

You'll notice that the rack with the gold pots n pans doesn't have the plant. That's because I've included an invisible recolor of the plant. :)

Meshes are included. Let the pot rack meshes replace the originals in your download folder if you already have them!

Download Meshes & Recolors

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this! Your recolors look great and I will use these a lot :)