Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Bunch of New Stuff (That you may have already seen!)

All of this has been posted on my tumblr, MTS or Black Pearl Sims. Yeah, I know- I've been neglecting this place for a while now. *dusts cobwebs out of the corner*

NOTE: The text above each pic is a clickable link to the download post!

I'm pretty sure that's it. That's it?!? LOL! Yes, I've been busy lately. I went through a bit of time of not feeling quite myself and doing recolors was very soothing and therapeutic for me - most of these downloads were done during that time. I'm still not wanting to do work on any new meshes, but I'm finally getting back to being my old self. :)


  1. Grrrr.. instead of editing my post, I'll put this here!

    The closet doors, Anna's chair and ATS's greenhouse meshes have been edited by me. So be sure to pay attention to the download post so you know what's been edited. :)

    Also- the Island Paradise add-ons (2 tables) are new meshes and there are a bunch of recolors. They are slaved to the chair. ALSO- HugeLunatic and Veranka both did the chair conversion, so there are 2 versions: 1 slaved to HL's chair, the other slaved to Veranka's.

  2. The link to the plants (Gift for Sophie) is not working :( I was trying for 5 hours to find those plants on GoS (because I fell in love with them instantly!) but I couldn't...

  3. Just in case anyone else is looking for the plants, the lovely mustluvcatz reuploaded them for me when I posted a WCIF on Mod The Sims :-) You can find them here - :-)

  4. The link for the jonesi bed recolours is no longer working. Just reinstalled Sims 2 and looking to replace CC after I lost my discs. Reeeeally want those are just the one in the picture is gorgeous.