Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Animated Fairy Lamp (Also on Tumblr)

How cute is FracturedMoonlight's fairy lamp? So cute that I wanted to make one of my own, so here's my version of that awesomely awesome little lamp. I used one of my mason jar meshes and plopped a fairy into it! Ok, not a fairy..just a mini sim that I gave wings. :)

This works exactly the same as Frac's lamp, so it can be turned on and off; the fairy bobs up and down; her wings move; viewing it raises a sim's comfort; and if you have AL you'll be able to see the nifty little glow effect added by Rebecah.

There are 3 recolors- shown here, along with the default texture, in their unlit states.

And here are the 3 recolors in their lit state (the default is shown in the main screenshot).

And here's a little video showing the fairy moving in her little jar.

The lamp can be found with the other table lamps in the catalog for 50 Simoleons and has a poly count of 2642. That's a bit high, I know, but you can blame the fairy for that!  lol If you have a lower end computer you might not want to plop a bazillion of these in a lot.

Many thanks to Frac for her original lamp mesh and idea and to Rebecah for her coding magic that made such a lamp possible in the first place.

Download Mesh & 3 Recolors