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Hi! My name is Maria but in the Sims world I go by mustluvcatz. You might know me from Mod The Sims, Garden Of Shadows, Black Pearl Sims, SailfinSims or my LJ.

I got the Sims 2 as a gift years ago and happily played and built lots for a very long time. Then I shared a lot I was rather proud of. Not long after that I was offered a place to post my lots (Sublime Sims). Not too long after that I was dragged kicking and screaming (but with chocolate and rum in hand) to SailfinSims where I was coerced (with more chocolate and rum) into trying a few recolors. Not too long after that, I said I'd never mesh. Well, you know what they say about never saying never, right? So nowadays I mainly mesh and do recolors of other peoples' objects when I need a break from meshing.

I don't plan on posting everything I've ever made here. It'd take me quite a while to hunt everything down and get it uploaded. I'm planning on "starting new" with this blog. I already have an LJ. Honestly? If I had realized that this blog would be so easy to customize I probably would've started here first.

So- link time!

My MTS Profile
My SailfinSims Downloads

Click the pics to go to that download if you'd like the object(s)!

Note: The Mason Jar Chandeliers @ BPS are a non-repository set. The repository set (with a slightly different texture) is posted at my LJ.

There may be more than that, but some of my stuffs are posted at more than one place. So whatever I'm missing is probably somewhere else, too. :)