Putting a donate button here was something I spent a lot of time debating about. I don't have to pay for hosting and I don't have to pay to create things for the game, so I didn't see the point in it. But.. (there's always a but, lol) I do realize that there are times people might want to show their support in ways other than downloads and thanks. :) So it's here. A shiny donate button. Well, it's not HERE here- it's under the Affiliates on the sidebar of every page. It was here, but I moved it. :D

I have gotten donations and I need to say (for any doubters out there): The generosity of this community is so heartwarming. To those donators (and any possible future donators) I'd like to say:

Much Love!!


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    1. On the sidebar Jon. Under the Affiliates. (It used to be on this page but I moved it a while back.)