I've fixed different "problems" with other creator's meshes. Nothing too exciting. It might be a shadow. It could be stopping a mesh from fading when zooming in on it. Maybe an object couldn't be grabbed after placing it or wasn't recolorable. This is where I'll post links to that stuff (after I dig them all up, lol).

P.S. If anyone has ever had to fix any of my meshes, let me know. I'll post a link to that fix here, too! :) I honestly don't mind if anyone fixes something I created- it's a good way to learn.


SIP Bathroom 3b Cart:

I love this cart, I really do. But I also love slots. So I took this cart, removed the meshed on objects and added 11 slots. This cart now has 12 slots, which means that clutter-holics everywhere can put their OMSP's away. I also fixed the side- the baskets didn't quite meet the frame. (You can see what I mean if you look under the l in "4 slots"..pic was taken before I updated the mesh.) DOWNLOAD HERE

Cassandre's Kitchen Clutter and Country Biological Food sets have a huge amount of files. While she used the repository technique there's still a butt-load of files and they kind of clutter up the catalog. So I edited all of them to show up in the Collections only. Pics and info HERE


  1. what a nice idea to fix others' meshes. I am sure they wouldn't mind that ))))

  2. Some do. I try to ask if it's ok to share before I post. Only been told no once- which is a shame since the original meshes were just extractions (from another game)and all I did was do add-ons for the set. (For my own use then wanted to share.) I don't understand how anyone can be so possessive. But that's how some people are. It's just a game and all parts of it should be available to everyone, imo.