I've always wanted a guestbook. Reading what people have posted in other people's guestbooks is, well, it's kind of a creepy-lurker type of thing to do. But I do it. There, I said it. I admitted that I lurk around other people's guestbooks. :)

Seriously- maybe you'd like to say something but don't know where to say it. Just a general comment that wouldn't make sense if you posted a comment on a download. Say it here. :)


  1. Hallo.

    Stalking guestbooks is another of my hobbies

    (swivels the fishcam)

  2. Hello! I would like to be your affiliate!

    I Did not find any contact email or something else, so I decided to use your guestbook.

    If you accept me as your affiliate, please, contact me at my blog or send an Email to

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  3. You have a guestbook! What a great idea! :D I used to be a compulsive guestbook signer back in the day. I've kicked the habit, though, so now I never signs guestb... wait a minute...

    Moving right along. :P Could we be affiliates? Pretty please with sugar on top? I have a dog and I'm allergic to cats, but I hope you won't hold that against me. ;)

    I can't insert my banner, but you can find it on my Links page.

  4. Hi! I wanted to send you a PM...but couldn't find any place for that. I wanted to know if it is okay to link to the Mini House Kit download on my dreamwidth page. I am new to all of this stuff, and don't know what the protocol is. I actually downloaded The Kit from MTS, but would rather link here, as this is more fun and personal. I am making a huge beach front lot with 4 mini houses, and was going to post pictures.
    Thanks! (and I love your stuff, I have tons of it!)
    Camping Stove

    1. That's perfectly ok with me. And thank you! :) *blushes*

  5. Thank you so much for your help with this

    1. You're welcome...glad I could be of some help. :)

  6. A friend over at Affinity Sims sent me here for some kitchen stuff just downloaded it and wanted to say thank you. I love your work...