Policy (7/15/2012)


Meshes: Everything I make is recolorable. Meshes can be included with your recolors- link, credit.. would be nice but I won't hunt you down if you don't do it. If you include my meshes in a lot- again, link and/or credit would be nice. (And downloaders of your lot might like to know where you got something.) Please don't claim my work as your own.

Recolors: Do whatever you want with them- just don't claim them as your own.

Converting: If you'd like to convert any of my meshes to TS3, go ahead. A link to your work would be nice. I do have TS3 and the programs needed to do the conversions myself but I'm not really interested in doing it to be honest. (I use the programs to do ts3>ts2 conversions, lol.)

Editing MY meshes: Feel free to. If it's something simple (like removing part of the mesh) you can ask me to do it if you want. If not, go ahead and do it. If you want to share your edit, feel free to- just don't claim my work as your own. If you want anyone to be able to use your edit along with my mesh? Remember to get a new GUID for your edit- then both can be used without conflicting with each other in game.


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. While I don't believe in charging for custom content and have always had a policy of "No Paysites", I've decided to change that.
My meshes and recolors can now be shared on paysites. Since I've found my meshes included in lots on paysites quite a few times, I don't see what else I can do. From what I know, credit has always been given and the downloads were/are free. So go for it. Include my meshes/recolors. If you're going to include my content in a paysite upload- credit and a link to where you got it from. Ok? Ok. That's not a nice, little request...that's my requirement for PAYSITES only.
But please- don't think that means I'm alright with you accepting money for custom content. I'm not. If I thought I deserved to make money off of this, I wouldn't offer my creations for free. So- if you can't honor my wish to not include my content on paysites, at least have the decency to keep it free. If you're a paid creator, I can't stop you from including my creations. But there are alternatives- you can always say "content required but not included" and link to it. Ok? Ok.

About Edits That I Do

I've been known to modify other people's work and offer my edit(s) for download. (lol, obvious MLC is obvious.) What people don't know is that 99.99% of the time I've gotten permission to share my edit(s). I have been known to share without permission (thus the 99.99%)- but I do so with every intention of taking the content down if the original creator ever returns to the community and requests it to be taken down. There have been times I've been told "No." And I respect that and keep my edit for my own use only.

Edited 5/10/2013 to add: I recently read a question at BPS- someone wanted to know the reasoning behind not having an open TOU. Well, I do have an open TOU but I still have something to say about it:

Most of my meshes (not other people's meshes that I edit or Maxis meshes that I mangle) are 99-100% original. I might start with someone else's mesh as a base, but I usually use it more as a guide. (The chandelier from my BHG Inspired Collection @ tumblr is a good example. I started with a mesh from SDA and the only parts of that mesh left in mine are the wicks and the very top round part. The rest is all original.) You might think that someone who makes a mesh from scratch would consider themselves the owner of that mesh and not want anyone else to do anything besides recolors it. And there are people like that- but that will never be me.

I make meshes because it's fun (to me) and I honestly like doing it. If I couldn't share, I probably wouldn't bother making anything at all. If it weren't for other people with open TOU's there are things that I've made that never would've gotten done. Using someone else's mesh as a base, a guide or to figure out how they did something is a great learning tool. SO- if you want to use my meshes as a base, a guide or to learn something (not that I've done anything too spectacular since I'm still learning things myself)... please do. :)

Long, I know. If you read it all, thank you! If you didn't.. no worries. :)

Happy Simming!