My Must-Haves

Here are some links to stuffs I always have to have. You probably already have some or all of this, but the links come in really handy if you need to redownload. :) Trust me, lol.

P.S. Since I'm still working on getting all of my downloads back (from the last year!) this is definitely a w.i.p. and will be updated as I remember things/rediscover things.

Jonesi's Bed Blanket
Jonesi's Bed Blanket Slaves
Impish Parody's Single Bed Blanket Slaves
HugeLunatic's Single Bed Blanket Slave
HugeLunatic's FIXED Bed Blanket (Double)
Hodak's Stuff Slaved To Bed Blanket
Feenwald - Rug Slaved To Bed Blanket
Feenwald - Jonesi Blanket For Cribs
CTNutmegger's Maxis Cafe Curtain Fix
Pretty Much Everything Buggybooz
Engelchen's Recolors